Stephan von Huene | 1964 – 1969
The complete work of Stephan von Huene: kinetic and sound sculptures, sculptures, assemblages, drawings
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1964 – 1969

The early sculptures, which date from the later 1960s, were “the point of departure motivically, stylistically, and conceptually for von Huene’s production in the interspace between form, sound, movement, and language, and at the same time a result of his graphic and sculptural work” from the early 1960s (cited from: Alexis Ruccius, Klangkunst als Embodiment, Frankfurt/Main 2019, p. 9).

Developed out of the bread and leather sculptures were mechanically mobile apparatuses in wood, metal, and electronically-guided inner workings which, at first, still remind us of traditional sculptures (Kaleidophonic Dog, for example). Subsequently, however, they evolved into objects which occupy space like items of furniture, and which dissolve the traditional duality between sculpture and pedestal to form a unity (for example Rosebud Annunciator).