Stephan von Huene | 1999 – 2000
The complete work of Stephan von Huene: kinetic and sound sculptures, sculptures, assemblages, drawings
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1999 – 2000

In retrospect, the works produced in the late 1990s must be regarded as late works, since they represent the terminus of an œuvre that came to an abrupt end – during a phase of intensive project planning and realization – with the artist’s death. During this phase, however, von Huene disposed over a technically and artistically broad repertoire, one that allowed him to work in the realm of the “multimedia installation” in the most complete sense, and to whose visual possibilities he had sovereign and unconstrained access.

In Sirens Low, he was able to work in ways that were more extensive and multilayered then the early works – both literally as well as metaphorically. The sirens and other hybrid creatures had been present already in the drawings beginning around 1961; now, von Huene extends his reach far back into the art-historical past, thematically through Homer’s verses, as well as by means of projected illustrations of works of art from antiquity and the Renaissance. At the same time, by exploiting the resources of computer-guided sound generation and modifications, he succeeded in actualizing these historical contents, in bringing them to life again through contemporary image and sound automatons.