Stephan von Huene | Mind Maps
The complete work of Stephan von Huene: kinetic and sound sculptures, sculptures, assemblages, drawings
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Mind Maps

The Mindmaps are simultaneously texts and drawings. They constitute an independent medium for making notations and mapping ideas, and were used by Stephan von Huene on a daily basis, as well as for lectures or to develop individual works. He wrote: “I am thinking of a different type of drawing that helps me on the one hand understand what I am doing, in the process of doing it, and on the other hand a generative drawing that helps me produce ideas.”

(S. v. H., in: “Petra Kipphoff von Huene, All Beginnings are Babel. Letters, Words, Sentences, and Texts in the Art of Stephan von Huene,” in: Stephan von Huene, Split Tongue: Texts and Interviews, Munich 2012, p. 34)