Stephan von Huene | The Man from Jüterbog
The complete work of Stephan von Huene: kinetic and sound sculptures, sculptures, assemblages, drawings
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The Man from Jüterbog

The Man from Jüterbog 1995
The Man from Jüterbog 1995

photo: David Baltzer

The Man from Jüterbog

Der Mann von Jüterbog


S 1995–1

half figure on pedestal, computer, air compressor,
speakers, pants, shoes, drum
Text by Reinhard Lettau, spoken by himself

Hamburger Bahnhof, Nationalgalerie, Berlin

Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2002,

Kamera: Dan Mihaltianu

2:41 min

The Man from Jüterbog 1995 score
The Man from Jüterbog 1995 score

photo: Estate Stephan von Huene, ZKM, Karlsruhe

“The story of The Man from Jüterbog begins with my sculpture Tap Dancer (1967) and the sculpture ensemble Tisch Tänzer (1988/95). […] In The Man from Jüterbog, the male half figure is accompanied by my friend Reinhard Lettau, who used a fountain pen to write and note down short stories, in which poetry and precision put each other to the test.

Reinhard Lettau reads these sentences himself. The sculpture puts them to movement and performs them in the language of the mechanical half body. Every sound is numbered and is assigned to a movement. […] The Man from Jüterbog: a soloist.”

(S. v. H. in: exhib. cat. Stephan von Huene: Tune the World. Die Retrospektive, Ostfildern 2002, p. 201)

The Man from Jüterbog 1995
The Man from Jüterbog 1995

photo: Dan Mihaltianu